Analysis of News relating to the Digital Money Ecosystem

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Analysis of News relating to the Digital Money Ecosystem

SocGen Takes Up Challenge From Orange With African Mobile Bank - Bloomberg

15/09/2017 Link to source

SocGen Takes Up Challenge From Orange With African Mobile Bank Orange, France's former phone monopoly, has become a leading online payment provider in parts of Africa over the last few years. It's Orange Money operations have 32 million clients in more than 10 countries in Africa and the Middle East for payments ... and more »

Context Generale Group (SocGen)
Societe Generale is a major French banking group and one of the leading financial services groups in Europe.
The French Republic is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe with several overseas regions and territories. Payment
Online payment refers to the ability to use a mobile device to conduct a range of payment services over the internet. Payment
This category describes payment services that allow for purchases or personal payments over the internet.
Africa Region
World's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia
Middle East & Africa
Middle East and Africa
Orange (formerly France Telecom S.A.) is the main telecommunications company in France, the third-largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Money Transfert International
Orange Madagascar and MFS Africa announced the launch of the online money transfer service Orange Money Transfert International, whereby Orange customers in Madagascar can receive international remittances directly to their Orange Money accounts. Money Visa Prepaid Card - Africa
Orange to offer its subscribers in emerging markets access to Visa prepaid accounts Payment
The Online Payment topic discusses issues relating to the provision of payment services over the internet.
Operations is the term utilised to describe products and services, channels, class of trade and other concepts related to the operational requirements of digital money services.
The Payments Topic includes knowledge related to a variety of services such as mobile payments, online payments, bill payments and more. Money
201111: Orange Money signed deal with Western Union for IMT; Orange money available in 8 african markets with 3m subscribers. 201201: Orange Money has 3m users; Orange Money is targeted at unbanked customers in eight countries across Africa and the

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