Digital Money S.A.G.E.

Powered by our proprietary Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere technology, the Shift Thought™ community continually monitors and analyses digital money markets, to offer actionable insights to practitioners around the world.Digital Money S.A.G.E.

Profiles: 64,640 News Items | 3,711 Players | 2,222 Initiatives | 283 Markets | 105 Products | 108 Topics
Perspectives : Bank / FI | Big Brand | Cash Network/Retail | Investor | Mobile Operator | Money Transmitter | Payment Provider | Regulator | Scheme | Vendor

Click on the elements of the map below to explore the Digital Money ecosystem using the S.A.G.E technology

Digital Money Ecosystem Digital Money Initiatives Where in the world What are the services For whom is this meant Who is doing what How are they built Geographies Regulatory Environment Payment Systems Channels Products COT Needs Segments Mobile operators Banks PO Payment Retail Groups Cash Network Architectures Technologies Countries Economic Zones Regions Rules Regulations Regulators

The digital money ecosystem is a vast and complex web of rich and intricately related information. The S.A.G.E technology enables the harvesting, updating, linking and exploration of information in this dynamic and exploding ecosystem.

Using S.A.G.E, this portal provides pages consisting of:

  • Catalogs of information elements (usually in the form of tables). Click on the links to reach the information elements themselves. These can be accessed through the S.A.G.E item on menu bar
  • Information elements themselves, the content of which is shown in accordion panels and tabs. These can be accessed through the catalogs or through links appearing on related information elements.
    Of special interest is the Network tab available on most such pages, that displays the immediate context of the information element you are exploring. Clicking on elements in the network leads you to the appropriate page. This is a good way to explore the ecosystem
  • Analytic information in the form of charts and lists. This can be accessed through the Dashboard item on the menu bar
  • Digital Money Initiatives classified in different ways. This can be accessed through the Initiatives item on the menu bar
  • News which can be accessed through the Research menu item. News items have associated Tags that link the related information elements. This is often a good way of understanding the context of that news

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You can also use the Search box at the top of the page or in individual tables to find information elements

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  1. This a really extensive compilation of the digital money space – very useful to those who want to delve into the ecosystem, whether as existing players in the industry, as potential entrants, or policy makers.
    Link to page

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