Shift Thought tracks knowledge relating to Digital Money under the following main heads:

  • Access : What access do people have to bank branches, ATMs, Internet, Mobile and other channels?
  • Banking : What are the innovative approaches Banks are taking towards Digital Money?
  • Compliance :  An overview of the major regulatory compliance related areas
  • Currency :  Currency profiles and Foreign Exchange related knowledge
  • Legal : Legal related topics such as Licensing and Registration, Exclusivity and more
  • Marketing : This covers topics such as Pricing and Loyalty
  • New Products : This includes products such as Prepaid and adjacent areas such as Mobile Health
  • Operations : A wide topic that covers Cash In-Cash Out, Fraud, Security and more
  • Payments : This includes Bill Payments, Mobile Payment, Online Payment and more
  • Players : A variety of topics relating to the incumbent players as well as new entrants
  • Regulatory: This covers topics such as Authorised Entities, recent regulatory changes, and various restrictions and limits to services
  • Technology : As new technologies drive innovations in Digital Money, this area includes deep analysis and insights into areas such as NFC, NSDT and various mobile, web and emergent technologies.

A number of important areas are covered under each of the above heads.